Ajit Gadge


Ajit Gadge

Principal Solution Architect

Ajit joins Ashnik as Senior Consultant to develop and deliver solutions for new age technologies. He is also the Subject Matter Expert in Elastic Stack at Ashnik. With over 16 years of solid experience in solution architecting and implementation, he has successfully delivered solutions on database technologies such as PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLServer. He derives strength from his passion for database technologies and love of pre-sales engagement with customers.

Ajit has successfully engaged with customers from across the globe including South East Asia, USA and India. His commitment and ability to find solutions has earned him great regard from customers.

Before joining Ashnik, Ajit worked as a Senior Solution Architect at ScaleArc. Prior to that he worked with EnterpriseDB for 7 years and helped it grow in South East Asia and India. In his long standing career, Ajit has worked with other multinational companies such as Capgemini, Gain Communication, Mail.com and Datavail.

He has completed Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science from Mumbai University and been certified on many technologies such as Oracle, EnterpriseDB Postgres, MSSQL and CISCO.

When he is not working on providing solutions, he loves spending time with his family and friends.