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Ashnik hosting Big Data Talk – Transformation Series in Singapore on 23rd Feb

Big Data Talk

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Your “Search” for analytics brings you here!

World of analytics revolves around ‘search’. Businesses today, then ever before require analyzing any data in any format in real-time to stay ahead of the curve and innovate. Businesses have stumbled upon goldmines when they could efficiently navigate through this massive amount of data. A powerful and nifty search engine is a crucial element if one must draw insightful inferences, sifting through a mountain of logs and text files. How does one set up this engine to address this need without being perturbed about the ever-growing volume of data and the high costs associated with it?

Elastic offers you a powerful platform to effectively serve this business need which is integral to your Big Data Analytics roadmap. To reap the benefits, global organizations have already implemented the trio of Elasticsearch, Logstash and Kibana, thereby making it the most rapidly adopted technology. Elasticsearch, an open source real-time search and analytics engine, has helped companies like Uber, Verizon, Netflix, Goldman Sachs and eBay to boost their analytics capabilities to unprecedented levels.

In the 2nd session of BIG DATA TALK – Transformation Series, you would hear from the experts at Elastic about these success stories. Ashnik would help in bringing actionable insights based on its engagement with large enterprises on their Big Data adoption. Elastic, the sponsor partner for this event will be talking about “How Elastic enables turbocharging your analytics in real- time”.

This invitation-only session will be led by senior business and data technology associates. It will offer strategic-level actionable insights for enterprise leaders to harness Big Data technology solutions.

For more information on the event and event invite, please visit our Big Data Talk page.

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