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Ashnik reveals 91% cite that enterprise open source is going to be important for their organization in the coming 12 months

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The enterprise open source survey conducted by Ashnik highlights some key observations in technology adoption patterns across Southeast Asia and India.

SINGAPORE, Aug. 13, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — A recent survey with respondents from across Southeast Asia and India helps understand the expected rise and adoption of open source. The survey focused on the current state of enterprise open source and the impact of Covid-19 on the upcoming technology adoptions and digital initiatives. Conducted by Ashnik, one of the leading open source providers in the region, the report indicates some key insights on open source readiness and implementation.

“While there is an overall shift in the way digitalization is happening, Covid-19 has prompted an even greater need to keep the existing initiatives on track and implement new technology solutions to stay amped up. We designed this survey to understand how enterprise open source is being leveraged by enterprises today and in the coming 12 months. It is interesting to note that many open source led technology initiatives are a top-tier priority for several organizations,” adds Deepti Dilip J., Head of Marketing for Southeast Asia and India, Ashnik.

Nearly 83% participants of this survey range from managerial level to C-level, thus throwing some key insights on decision making patterns, in order to speed up and go digital as quickly as possible.

Survey found that about 92% of organizations are already using open source today, with a mix of both enterprise and community open source. According to the respondents, enterprise open source will be majorly adopted in the areas of: Database, Analytics, Security, and IT Infra Monitoring. 68% of respondents cite that container adoption will scaling up in their organizations, while 72% say that multi-cloud deployment will see an increase in the coming months. About 81% of respondents state that open source database will be adopted in their organizations, and 58% say enterprise open source database will be the fastest growing database technology in their infrastructure.

Respondents also rated the various benefits of adopting enterprise open source in the coming months – 60% of which rate the security aspect of enterprise open source as the top benefit for their organization. While, 57% respondents rate the ability to attract new talents as a highly important benefit in adopting enterprise open source. 68% respondents rate cost efficiency as their top benefit in open source adoption.

See the full survey report here:

About the Survey:

100 unique organizations across Southeast Asia and India participated in the survey; industries ranging from BFSI, Power and Engineering, Technology, Telecoms, Government sectors and more. The backdrop of this study was to understand the expected rise and adoption of enterprise open source and associated digital initiatives, in the coming months. Covid-19 has transformed the way our new norms are, and businesses are evolving technologically to better serve a diverse tomorrow.

About Ashnik

Ashnik is a Singapore-headquartered leading open source solutions provider, with presence across Southeast Asia, US and India. Ashnik delivers consulting services and solutions based on enterprise-grade open source technologies to tackle critical business challenges. Backed by its strong solutioning and architecting skill sets, Ashnik helps organisations in this region to get innovative, agile and digitally transformed.