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Ashnik’s Partner Enablement Programme kicks off successfully

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Ashnik’s annual partner enablement programme made a debut this July, with its first ever partner workshop taking place on 27th July. This 2-day session was attended by all its associate partners in the Southeast Asia region. The agenda of this enablement programme is to strengthen and equip the partners’ sales and pre-sales teams in regards to open source technology updates, market-based sales approach and methodologies.

The Event Concentrated on: How to build predictable businesses with Open Source

  • How to identify and build new opportunities
  • How to build, expand and ‘add more value’ to sales pipelines

The sessions also taught the associate partners: how to sense opportunities, leverage open source technologies and how to identify the fitting technologies and what kind of workloads to look for as opportunities.

Highlights from the Session

If you are a partner of ours and want to attend the next annual workshop, please reach out to us