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Countdown to PostgreSQL v9.5 – Foriegn Tables can be part of Inheritance Tree

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Date : 29th September, 2015

Time : 1730  SGT / 1500 IST / 0930 GMT

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Distributed databases and horizontal scale up is one of the key demands in today’s date. PostgreSQL already had some vertical scaling features and horizontal scale-up by adding disks and table partitioning/child tables. With release of v9.5, PostgreSQL will get basic foundation for native sharing capability. From v9.5 Foreign Tables will be able to participate in Inheritance Tree as a child or parent table i.e. one can have table partitions residing on different system.

In our countdown to v9.5 series of hangouts, we will be covering some of the great features of PostgreSQL v9.5 and what is their real life applicability. In the first hangout in this series we will be talking about- – The feature of foreign partitions/child tables
– Syntax and usage
– EXPLAIN plan demo
– Use cases and benefits

Join us for the live interactive hangout on 29th Sept 2015 and learn more about this ‘basic sharding’ capability in PostgreSQL.

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