As the consumerisation of technology has shifted IT strategic priorities from transactions to engagements, general purpose Web servers such as Apache designed for old school Web architectures are now being pushed to the brink. Thanks to NGINX which brings to the world of Mobile a light-weight, high performance, open source web application accelerator that delivers compelling user experiences and thereby improves customer engagement, retention and conversion rate.

NGINX has emerged as one of the fastest and most scalable Web servers on the planet and is powering over 37% of the world’s busiest websites. Web 2.0 and mainstream organisations alike (Netflix, Facebook, Dropbox, Groupon, WordPress, NASA, UK Government to name few) are deploying NGINX as a one stop software solution for HTTP proxy, load balancer, edge cache and origin server.

Unlike Apache which relies on threads to handle requests, NGINX assumes a much more scalable event-driven architecture. As a result of asynchronous connection handling, NGINX can serve tens of thousands of concurrent connections on a server with typical hardware.


  • Unified, low latency and highly concurrent solution for content delivery and HTTP traffic management closer to the edge server
  • Cost efficient, flexible and easy to set up alternative for the hardware based application delivery controllers or load balancers
  • Unparalleled scalability and low memory footprint in either physical or virtual environment with best in class multi tenancy
  • Better management of underutilized server capacity resulted from legacy application architectures
  • Predictable, fault tolerant and no downtime operation even on low power chipsets and virtual machines
  • Support for HTTP, HTTPS, SPDY, IPv6, WebSocket, FastCGI, uwsgi, SCGI, SMTP, POP3 and IMAP
  • Easy integration with NoSQL
  • Speedy ramp-up for Web services


Banking on longstanding relationship with NGINX, Ashnik is bringing to India market NGINX Plus – a commercial edition of open-source NGINX Web server software. NGINX Plus boasts advanced functionality designed for mission-critical production environments and alleviates operational risk through enterprise-class support including ticket-tracking, case management, guaranteed response times and access to results-driven expert assistance.

NGINX features

  • Application health checking, activity monitoring and extended logging capabilities
  • Advanced load balancing
  • Dynamic re-configuration
  • Adaptive media streaming
  • Advanced support for enterprise Java applications
  • Back-up Web server for fail over
  • Extended monitoring for FastCGI deployments
  • Configuration and tuning assistance


As a key partner, Ashnik is helping organisations understand the power of NGINX through our consulting, systems integration and implementation services. For more information, please contact

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