Ashnik Whitepapers

Ashnik Whitepaper and Datasheets
Below is a list of white papers and presentations, available for free download -
  • Migration from Oracle to PostgreSQL
  • Maintaining a traditionally high and complex ‘core factor’ pricing of the Oracle database license is now a cost burden on most IT budgets. In a pandemic-impacted cost sensitive framework, this has become a magnet for cost containment, which could lead to greater business resilience and continuity.
  • Nginx Whitepaper
  • NGINX is an open source web server & focuses on high performance, high concurrency and low memory usage with features like load balancing, caching, access and bandwidth control, and the ability to integrate efficiently with a variety of applications. In this edition of whitepaper, you would learn more on ‘What is NGINX, Why is it used, NGINX Plus, Insights about NGINX Architecture, Worker Process, Overview on NGINX Caching & NGINX Configuration’.
  • First look at MongoDB
  • Today there is a lot of buzz around NoSQL technologies. We face many such queries from our customers and prospects on NoSQL DB and its utilities, on a daily basis. So here’s a close study of the most talked about NoSQL technology - MongoDB and the reason behind its global acceptance and popularity. We got involved in a few POCs with MongoDB and this paper shares our take-in from those explorations and POCs.
  • Busting the Myths: Performance scalability of DB
  • An insight on how performance and scalability of PostgreSQL can be leveraged using the right tuning techniques. This white paper explains the impact of tuning, connection pooling and the common pitfalls most IT managers face on the Database front.
  • Oracle to Enterprise PostgreSQL Database Migration
  • This white paper will take you through an open source Enterprise Database that is equally competent yet more cost-effective than proprietary databases like Oracle. Ashnik brings EDB's Postgres Plus Advanced Server - the most preferred alternative based on open source PostgreSQL database and offers a very strong range of Oracle Compatibility features.