White Paper and Resources
Find exclusive resources on NGINX and NGINX Plus.
  • 5 Reasons To Switch To Software Load Balancing
  • This ebook presents five reasons IT executives, network professionals, and application developers should make the move from traditional hardware ADCs to software solutions:
    • Dramatically reduce costs without sacrificing features or performance
    • Moving to DevOps requires software app delivery
    • Deploy everywhere with one ADC solution; on bare metal, cloud, containers, and more
    • Adapt quickly to changing demands on your applications
    • No artificial or contract-driven constraints on performance
  • NGINX Whitepaper
  • NGINX is an open source web server & focuses on high performance, high concurrency and low memory usage with features like load balancing, caching, access and bandwidth control, and the ability to integrate efficiently with a variety of applications. In this edition of whitepaper, you would learn more on ‘What is NGINX, Why is it used, NGINX Plus, Insights about NGINX Architecture, Worker Process, Overview on NGINX Caching & NGINX Configuration’.
  • NGINX Data Sheets
  • A collection of NGINX Data Sheets that will help provide an in-depth understanding of its product features and latest technology offerings.