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Elastic Data Engineer

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Established in 2009, we are a leading open source solutions and consulting company in South East Asia and India, with headquarters in Singapore. We enable Digital transformation for large enterprises through our design, architecting and solution skills. Over 100 large enterprises of the region have acknowledged our expertise in delivering solutions using key open source technologies. Our offerings form critical part of Digital transformation, Big Data, Containerization, DevOps and IT modernization initiatives of the large enterprises. We represent EnterpriseDB, Elastic, Docker, MongoDB, Nginx, Pentaho, Couchbase as their key partners for the region. Our team members bring decades of experience in delivering confidence to enterprises in adopting open source software and are known for their thought leadership.As a team culture, Ashnik is a family for its team members. Each member brings in different perspective, new ideas and diverse background. Yet we all together strive for one goal – to deliver best solution to our customer using open source software. We passionately believe in power of collaboration. Through an open platform of idea exchange we create vibrant environment for growth and excellence.


Ashnik is looking for talented and passionate people to be part of implementation  team. You will be responsible for implementation of solution using Elastic stack. Responsibilities include assist in solution designing, writing technical proposal, implementation as per agreed SOW, providing post-implementation support, performance tuning, handholding customer team during handover, documentation etc. Successful candidate should understand the importance of ownership and be proactive in customer communication.



  • Design and Develop data pipeline using ETL tool such as Elastic Stack.
  • Manage complex real-time data collection with various data sources.
  • Deploy scalable Elastic cluster.
  • Implement and configure necessary plug-ins for monitoring and data collection
  • Prepare documentation and providing handholding to customer during handover phase
  • Performance tuning and post implementation support


  • At least 6 years of experience in technology solutions deployment
  • At least 2 years of experience in Elastic or relevant technologies such as SolaR , Hadoop etc.
  • At least 2 real projects deployment experience.
  • Good understanding of Indices Mapping , Index management such as archiving, reindexing, sharding etc.
  • Good understanding of Analytical data structure and experience in deployment of same in the form of Reports and Dashboards
  • Hand-On experience on Linux system.
  • Experience in NoSQL or RDBMS technology is desirable
  • Python/Node.js or relevant data processing programming experience is preferred.


You would be adding a great experience of working with a leading open source solutions company in South East Asia region to your career. You would get to learn from the leaders and grow in the industry. This would be a great opportunity for you to grow in your career through continuous learning, adding depth and breadth of technologies. Since we work with key, leading open source technologies and engage with large enterprises it creates enormous possibilities for career growth for our team. Not to mention that our people find the journey with Ashnik to be exciting and fulfilling experience.

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