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Is your time managing you or you are managing your time

Indrayani Valinjkar
Singapore, 20 Feb 2015

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“We are really short of time” or “I don’t get enough time” – These are the most common complaint we have today. It is very true!! Time is the only thing that doesn’t come back and naturally it’s a scarcity. Hence it becomes more challenging to manage both work and personal life. I must say it’s your choice whether to be efficient or disorganized. This choice will lead to your quality of life.

Here are few guidelines which can help to be productive as well as to manage work-life balance.

1. Study the pattern of how you spend your day at home and office. Take a close look to check if you can change your perception of not having enough time. First step is to start believing, talking and thinking that you do have enough time. Effective technique one can use is “positive self talk” or “positive affirmation”. Positive affirmative statements repeated over and over again with a full faith, acceptance and belief will eventually be accepted by your subconscious mind.

2. Check the time wasters or distractions in daily schedule. It will be great if you directly link it with cost.

3. Try and be honest, assertive and tell people how you value your own as well as others time.

4. Is it possible to prioritise your to do list? You are your best judge.

5. Do you like to tackle the hard task first or the easy one? ‘Doing’ is the key! Do not postpone your work in whichever bucket they fall into. Procrastination becomes a habit and in no time, important becomes urgent. Do not wait till it gets urgent and it’s too late.

6. There is no ideal day or ideal schedule. All of us adjust and compromise work-life every day. Do not mess with your food and sleep.

7. Are you sitting in front of your computer and day dreaming? Are you in garden with your children and lost in your thoughts? If yes, try and break that immediately. A timer for every 15 minutes break might help.

8. Every day, every week and every month monitor your achievement.  Do not forget to celebrate your small success with significant others.

9.Fake it until you make it. When you pretend that you are excellent in time management, eventually when you feel action is under your direct control, will develop the mindset in your subconscious mind.

Be confident that YOU can manage your own TIME !!

– Indrayani Valinjkar


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