Learn how to modernize Apps and Infrastructure using DevOps

Modernize Apps and Infrastructure using Docker

Enterprises acknowledge that legacy IT systems are a huge hitch to their growth as they fail to adapt to the constantly changing needs of the business. Modernizing the IT infrastructure and apps has become imperative not just for growth but to stay in business. The DevOps teams carry a crucial task of providing agility and scalability to fulfill these business demands. Choosing the right tools, technologies and adopting them in double quick time is on top of every DevOps professional.

Tech Insights – The Digital Transformation Series focusses on enabling you with actionable insights to digitally evolve your organization. This interactive 3-hour tech event is a knowledge-driven platform for you and your team to modernize your infra and apps through DevOps. Event covers:

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Mumbai, Hyatt Regency – Thu, 31st May 2018
Singapore, Suntec – Wed, 20th June 2018

Event Duration:

9:00 am onwards
Followed by lunch and networking

Speakers and Agenda

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About Ashnik

Ashnik is a Singapore headquartered leading open source solutions provider, with presence across South East Asia, US and India. Ashnik delivers consulting services and solutions based on enterprise open source and big data solutions platform to overcome critical business challenges – enabling enterprises to achieve their digital transformation goals using open source technologies while also enabling the customers’ to keep their operational costs minimal.

About Docker

Many enterprises are involving themselves with the idea of the Open Container Initiative to ensure that the fundamental building blocks of container technology (such as the container format) are standardized so that everyone can take advantage of them. Docker Enterprise Edition is perhaps the best known commercial container management solution. The likes of eBay, PayPal, BBC, Expedia, Uber uses Docker’s commercial solutions to enable them to not only provide gains for their developers, in terms of productivity and agility, but also for their infrastructure teams in the form of cost efficiency and enterprise-grade security.

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