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22 Sep

Ashnik participating in “Redefining Data Strategy for Next Generation Applications” event by IT Group , Philippines

Ashnik along with IT Group, EDB and Red Hat is bringing together an insightful meet for enterprises seeking open source technologies and looking at innovating their existing architecture. Ashnik is sponsoring the “Enterprise Technology – Redefining Data Strategy for Next Generation Applications” event by IT Group in Philippines on 22nd September, 2016 along with EnterpriseDB.

17 Aug

Countdown to Postgres v9.6: DBA’s life gets easier with better monitoring

Join us live on 17th Aug 2016 while we try to explore the new monitoring features of Postgres v9.6 and discuss their applicability for DBAs and System Admins.

29 Jun

Google Hangout : How to Build Data Model and Analyzer using Pentaho (Hitachi Group)

Join us on 29th June, 2016 to get insights on various distinct capabilities of Pentaho like Model Building and Analyzers which are useful for business users

15 Jun

Postgres Hangout: Hot Streaming Replication will get ‘Hotter’ – literally!

Join us on next our hangout on 15th June, 2016 to further learn new enhancements in Streaming Replication features.

19 May

Google Hangout: Countdown to v9.6 – Welcome Parallelism to Postgres!

Join us on our hangout on 19th May, 2016 to see the benefits of parallelism which has been added over last few releases but the first parallel operation in query execution will be seen only in v9.6.


12 Apr

Pentaho Hangout – Building Data Integration and Transformations using Pentaho

Catch our Pentaho Google Hangout on 12th April, 2 pm IST to understand how organizations today are exploring technologies which are able to help them in their business transformation. Because now, it is the matter of overall business transformation and not just about technology. This creates a need to make the technology infrastructure agile, flexible and scale-as-you–grow.

23 Mar

Ashnik at the ‘Increase the connectivity of your Enterprise Platform’ event by IT Group – EDB – Red Hat, Indonesia

Ashnik participated in the “Increase the connectivity of your Enterprise Platform” event in Jakarta, Indonesia on 23rd March,2016 along with ITGroup, EnterpriseDB and RedHat.

16 Mar

Ashnik hosting a “Technology Talk” with Bruce Momjian, Chief Database Architect at EnterpriseDB, in Singapore!

Ashnik is hosting an engaging one-to-one session with Bruce Momjian, Chief Database Architect at EnterpriseDB exclusively for its Partners on 16th March 2016.