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21 Jul

Google Hangout : “Architecture for building scalable and highly available Postgres Cluster”

As PostgreSQL has made way into business critical applications, many customers who are using Oracle RAC for high availability and load balancing have asked for similar functionality for using PostgreSQL.

In this Hangout session we would discuss architecture and alternatives, based on real life experience, for achieving high availability and load balancing functionality when you deploy PostgreSQL. We will also present some of the key tools and how to deploy them for effectiveness of this architecture.

Join us on 21st July 2015 to learn more about some cool architectures that can help you scale well!

27 Apr

Google Hangout : “Building Hybrid Data store using PostgreSQL and MongoDB”

For years PostgreSQL has been a great fit as a database for many years and it has already started picking up the latest trends e.g. noSQL capabilities to support new workloads. If you have not already done so checkout our Hangout on JSON features of v9.4

Recently while exploring options to cater to a requirement from a customer from Banking industry  we came across a great feature of PostgreSQL which we think would be path breaking- Foreign Data Wrapper (FDW). It allows you to have Table based on foreign data source, even noSQL data sources e.g. MongoDB. We found this feature to be quite instrumental in designing our solution for the customer.

We thought of sharing a demo on the solution with other users of MongoDB and PostgreSQL. You will be surprised how these two can co-exist and complement each other. Join us on 27th April 2015! 

05 Mar

Big Data and Analytics Insights – Exclusive briefing session by Ashnik and Pentaho

Big Data and Analytics Insight Exclusive briefing session by Pentaho and Ashnik in Singapore.


04 Oct

PostgreSQL Training – Philippines

Intro to PostgreSQL Administration – 3 Day Training

23 Sep

Red Hat Forum, Jakarta – Sept 2014

Meet the Ashnik Team at the Jakarta Red Hat Forum, representing EnterpriseDB along with IT Group Indonesia (ITGI)

02 Sep

Red Hat Forum 2014 – Singapore

Tuesday, September 2nd, 2014

Catch the Ashnik team in action participating with IBM at the Red Hat Forum in Singapore, happening on 16th Oct 2014, 9:00am onwards

04 Aug

Postgres Advanced Training – Singapore

Attend the Advanced Training sessions in PostgreSQL on 4th and 5th August 2014 (2 days) in Singapore.

02 Jul

Postgres Google Hangout – July 2014

Streaming Replication made easy on Postgres v9.3