Unlock the Power of Realtime Data

Tech Insights – The Digital Transformation Series

Taking your business ‘Digital’ is the number one goal for most companies, today. ‘Digital’ touches every part of your business - business processes and the people. What is the core of this Digital Transformation? Data. There are multiple of aspects of this data - data collection, data storage, data integration, data discovery and data analytics. Hence, generating actionable insights from this data and working on it becomes the key task for CXOs. But the main challenge here is choosing the right technologies for each task, integrating them and leveraging their capabilities. This is where Tech Insights comes to your help. This is the platform where we bring you insights from technology experts, our architectural views and customer case studies along with a live demo. At the end of this session, you acquire an understanding of the technology features, its capabilities and real-life success stories.

Unlock the Power of Realtime Data
- Discover Data Analytics with the Elastic Stack

As an enterprise, all the data that we are surrounded with each growing day is massive. Operational log messages, social media data, metrics, network packets and more – all this data needs to be stored, analysed, and made searchable. Existing systems in most organisations are often slow, not scalable or have poor query languages that do not have the power, you and your business need. The Elastic stack was developed in response to this. Used all over the world by the likes of Netflix, Bank ING, TomTom, NASA and CERN, it can handle massive amounts of structured and unstructured data while still responding to complex queries in near real time.

Want to learn how to unlock the power of Realtime Data for your enterprise? Discover Data Analytics with the Elastic Stack – attend this session of Tech Insights and get started on your data transformation journey!

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