In the coming years, CIOs are going to be under pressure not just because of increasing demands but also because of the widening gap between demand and budget. One of the Gartner reports for 2014 captures the above challenge very well.But despite the need to grow, there is pressure on budgets. The global
Sachin Dabir, CEO, Ashnik (UK)
We have all been hearing of 'The Nexus of Forces' for some time now. And why it's touted to become the technology platform of tomorrow. However, if you don't already know what it means or how it's going to help your business or enterprise, you might want to read this up. The Nexus of Forces is a concept developed by
Deepti Dilip J, Head - Marketing & Communications | Ashnik
I meet many customers who actually want to over come dependency on Oracle database but they think it is tricky and difficult. Not many know of alternatives those are as robust as Oracle database. And it begins with having doubts on how they can minimize the efforts of modifying the application (if needed) and
Rajni Baliyan, Database Consultant | Ashnik
Infor has partnered with PostgreSQL to create an open source technology stack, that will help cut costs by lowering license and maintenance fees.
"PostgreSQL handles virtually all the standard SQL constructs. It is easy (relatively speaking) to administer, it is fast, it is efficient, it has a great API, and it supports ODBC, why would you choose something else?"
- Mark Woodward, Mohawk Software
MAMPU Technology Update:
Tue, 29th April 2014
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia