Load balancing in most organizations was always used be dependent on hardware. But today organizations have been evaluating and wherever possible are moving to Software load balancing. Apart from the reasons of being less expensive, more scalable and easier to maintain the key reason most of the organizations are moving towards software load balancer as it provides more flexible development environment. This helps organizations to adopt more agile development process. In the typical setup in most organizations web server and ADC
Sandeep Khuperkar | Director
In last six months I have travelled extensively meeting clients and prospects in South East Asia and India. These include large Telecom Operators, Banks, Insurance firms, Stock Exchanges and Retail Chains. In all these discussions I could sense a need for a sustainable alternative for proprietary RDBMS products viz Oracle, SQL Server etc. In recent years PostgreSQL has emerged
Sameer Kumar | Database Solution Architect
My life has always been around music, arts, social life, travelling and little bit technology. It may sound like a cliché, it’s probably my truth. I was not aware of this advancement in technology until I joined Ashnik. I come from a marketing background with less than two years of experience.
Anupma Pandey | Marketing and Social Media Executive
Every day new innovations happen, everyday new technology has been launched but one technology which has made difference in our life is Open source Model. Being Non engineer I have felt the strength of this open source model and how powerful it is in today’s world. Many organisations are adopting today open source technology
Ria Gupta | Sales Executive
"We are using Postgres Plus for one of our critical systems for OLTP application, and Ashnik has helped us in adopting this new technology. Currently we are satisfied with Ashnik's performance."
Once upon a time they were the undisputed sheriffs of the IT infrastructure, but Database Administrators (DBAs) are fast becoming less and less popular, particularly in today's world of 'shadow IT. Some compare the agile development model and web-based applications to the Wild West with data stores full of structured and unstructured data springing up all over the enterprise.
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