August 2016 Vol.4.3 | Ashnik
Need to blend and visualize fast moving data sets on the fly?
Stories from South East Asia Part 2 – Olympics and Role of Data Analytics
Investing in experiences – benefits that go a long way!
Tất cả những thắc mắc việc chuyển đổi từ Oracle đã có lời giải đáp! - (In Vietnamese)
Gartner: Emerging Technology Trends Create Opportunities for DBMS Cost Optimization
Dresner Advisory Services Awards Pentaho for Industry Excellence for Business Intelligence
In recent years, many of the enterprise customers are inclined to build self-service analytics, where members in specific business users have on-demand access to query the data. This not only helps enhancing the IT productivity, but also empowers the business users to perform a quick analysis. Many organizations which need to blend and visualize...
- Sandeep Khuperkar, Director | Ashnik (India)
"Some are lifters, some swimmers, some magicians with a badminton racket. Some are sons, some daughters. But all of them are children of South-east Asia." - quite rightly put by Strait Times as the world’s sporting elite gathers for 31st Olympics Games in Brazil. London 2012 had been quite disappointing for 11 countries in South East Asia...
- Kaustubh P | Business Development & Strategy
Call me boring but am a routine loving person, doing the same things day-in and day-out never tires me. My excuses seem endless – Recently married, new country, new workplace, already juggling a lot of things around. And I find solace in the idea that amidst all these...
- Sakshi Singh | Business Development Executive
Trong suốt vài tuần qua chúng tôi đã nhận được khá nhiều thắc mắc về việc chuyển đổi cũng như thay thế cơ sở dữ liệu Oracle. Rất nhiều trong số đó là những câu hỏi có liên quan tới việc chuyển đổi qua Postgres Plus Advanced Server như một giải pháp hợp lý hoá chi phí...
- Sameer Kumar | Database Solution Architect
"Ashnik's Postgres training is an intense course covering both essentials and advanced topics of database administration. I found the course to be very practical and comprehensive. With deeper understanding of Postgres implementation, I've become more adept at database tuning."
- DSO National Labs (Singapore)
Facebook has been using Elasticsearch for 3+ years, having gone from a simple enterprise search to over 40 tools across multiple clusters with over 60 million queries a day.
How Can Big Data And Analytics Help Athletes Win Olympic Gold In Rio 2016?