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Singapore’s Changi Airport T4 will be opening later this year. It is supposed to be less than half the size of Terminal 3, but expected to handle almost equivalent amount of traffic. It is designed to offer all travelers with state-of-the-art automated processes...
- Kaustubh P | Head of BD & Strategy
Open source is future, they say. In more ways than one it stands absolutely true. It has been well accepted across industries since ages but a lot of enterprises took time to open up to open source. Today however, there is an overwhelming response from banking, insurance & retail enterprises to embrace open source tools...
- Saurav M | BI and Data Integration Architect
During a chat with a senior executive of one of Europe’s largest auto majors, we talked about how our ongoing discussion on Docker is a part of and would help enable making driverless trucks a reality by 2020 using telematics. What was only a concept until sometime ago, is becoming a reality sooner that we thought...
- Rekha R | Business Development Executive
First of all, let me tell you EDB BART is? It’s a backup and recovery feature exclusively launched by EDB Postgres in 2014 to eliminate the human errors occurred during any backup processes. EDB BART was built on the pg_basebackup which allows us to take complete hot physical backups of the PostgreSQL or PPAS databases...
- Prathima M | Database Consultant
Ashnik's highly proficient team helped us with a successful PostgreSQL deployment and setup for NASDAQ X-stream Trading System Platform within strict deadlines. Ashnik’s strong technical competence and work ethics made our team ready to take up the customized PostgreSQL operations within a short period. We look forward to working with Ashnik in the future.
- Philippine Stock Exchange
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