Open source database is not just a CIO priority but it is a business requirement. This is what we are hearing and experiencing through customer interactions. CIOs have long been familiar with the benefits of open source and open source database but with the advent of commercial vendors behind open source database and maturity of tools motivation for adopting open source database for business critical applications has increased significantly. Even the risks factors in switching from proprietary database to open source database have reduced considerably. This has prompted the business heads to go for open source database such as PostgreSQL in a big way.
The point is very well articulated in Kim Stevenson's (CIO, Intel) quote "There are no IT project, only business projects" It is very true that CIOs and Business Unit heads are working more closely to deliver business objectives. And hence more interest from the business heads. When key factors in the success or failure of business are determined by speed of execution, cost of the project and agility in the infrastructure, open source software in general and open source database in particular become obvious choice.
In recent months our team has worked on projects that have been commissioned by the businesses to bring about transformation in a way they are able to serve their customers. By choosing open source database they were able to buy more computing power in the same budget that enabled them to provide better response times to customer queries, which means more revenue.
In this month's newsletter our team members sharing their experiences with technology and customers which would you would find interesting. Also it is a matter of pride that our consultants have achieved certification in PostgreSQL database which speaks for their skills and experience.
Sachin Dabir - Birmingham, UK (
- Michael Santana, BD Executive - Ashnik
- Rajni Baliyan, DBA - Ashnik