Till 3 or 4 years back when we wanted to talk about database technologies obviously there would be (only) DBAs in the room. The discussions would be around scalability, manageability, backup/restore and database features etc. Since last year or so, we are finding a stark difference when these meetings are happening. We are seeing developers taking lead and driving the discussion.
Sachin Dabir | CEO - Ashnik (UK)
Though it is a nursery rhyme, I find it very relevant to business world. A few questions that immediately come to my mind are - -Why Humpty and Dumpty were just "Sitting" on the wall -When they were sitting, what made them unstable? -If the wall had become unsuitable for them to sit stably, why they didn't notice this unsuitability at first place? Or was that too late? In business language, I consider -Humpty-Dumpty as any business executive or strategist and a Wall as something as stronghold in a business empire. Now we can interpret above questions in that context.
Kaustubh Patwardhan | Head - Business Development and Strategy
MongoDB has been known for a while for its flexibility and performance scalability. Come version 2.8 of MongoDB, the whole notion of flexibility, scalability and concurrency is going to be taken to newer heights.Let's take you through what to expect in the upcoming version 2.8 of MongoDB, which is probably a milestone version in its history so far.
Sameer Kumar | Database Solution Architect - Ashnik, Singapore
Mr. Jo Wise is working for last 40 years as an accountant, but he would always have his lunch alone. In a manufacturing organization where operations department is most curcial one, maximum absentees have been reported from it. An engineer in the Instrumentation department working for the multinational organization for 3 years could not answer Quality statement of the organization during Quality Audit.
Indrayani Valinjkar | MBA - HR
MA - Counselling Psychologist, Certified Yoga teacher
"Ashnik gives us a lot of confidence on PostgreSQL Database. And now, we have already taken an important initiation step to use PostgresSQL Enterprise as our database platform."
The EDB Backup and Recovery Tool (BART) is an administrative utility providing simplified backup and recovery management for multiple local or remote Postgres Plus Advanced Server and PostgreSQL database servers. Managing backups of your important business data and the speedy recovery of your data in case of an incident is critical for any organization. The process of taking backups and performing recovery or point-in-time recovery can be a complicated process. DBAs often feel that more than others.
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According to db-engines.com, in November 2014, MongoDB is in 5th place as the most popular type of database management system, and first place for document stores.