This is the time of the year when as usual there would be predictions for coming year, there would be lot of discussion about upcoming trends and as usual you – the CIOs – would be under pressure to actively consider these technologies to look good in front of your contemporaries and board members. At the same time, you would have gone through or might be going through some painful exercise of annual budgeting, trying to carve out dollars for these new, shiny technologies.
Sachin Dabir | CEO
Today, increasing number of organizations are looking to move to cloud. Moving to cloud represents fundamental change in how companies consume and provide services. While moving to cloud is one of the most important decisions related to adopting public or private cloud infrastructure. The choice depends on various factors,
Sandeep Khuperkar | Director
In my last article, I discussed about some key challenges that I realized are more pertinent and wide spread in varied Big Data Strategy implementations. Those included having a relevant business case, misconception about “Big” in Big Data and Hadoop and confusion on choosing the right technology.
Kaustubh Patwardhan | Head - Business Development and Strategy
Being a parent is a life changer. It gives you a whole different perspective on the obvious things around you. I noticed that while I was teaching my son about everyday things, I kept learning from him about coping with life. Not so strange considering these tiny humans are highly capable already,
Deepti Dilip | Marketing & Communications Head
"The training went smoothly even with instructor situated remotely. We still got tutored and discussed as if the instructor was in front of us. With their experienced and knowledgeable instructor, all went perfectly good."

Fifty billion connected objects will invade the market over the next five years, according to some predictions. However, when we are talking about connected objects, otherwise known as the Internet of Things (IoT), multiple platforms and technological solutions come to mind. We are living in an interconnected era where many smart devices communicate with each other in order to meet the various needs of the users.

The Internet of Things often brings to mind refrigerators that tell us to buy milk and houses that complain through our iPhones

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"The White House has already invested more than $200 million in big data projects"