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Automating PostgreSQL provisioning using Ansible
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Digital Transformation means different things to different people. To distinguish what it is, the industry tries to deconstruct its components. In my opinion, what is important is to acknowledge and understand its impact on organizations, societies and our lives on the whole. First of all, Digital Transformation (DX) is all about transformations...
- Sachin D | Founder, Director - Ashnik
“KP, can Ashnik help us in building a Blockchain prototype for our KYC (Know Your Customer) application?” asked a Senior Executive driving the Blockchain initiative with a consortium of banks in Indonesia. He continued “We are seriously looking into a possibility of using Single KYC application network using Blockchain...
- Kaustubh P | Director – ASEAN and HK, Ashnik
Ansible’s motto is “simple, agentless and powerful open source IT automation” quoting from Ansible docs. Ansible is your go-to friend when you want to automate everything in your system. It’s agentless and you can simply manage your things (i.e. servers, load balancers, switches, firewalls) via SSH...
- Ajit G | Sr. Database Consultant, Ashnik
Thank you for inviting me to Tech Insights this week, the EnterpriseDB PostgreSQL and Ansible demo were quite eye opening. So thanks again for that.
- Rachel Jiang | Senior Manager, Infrastructure & Operations, NTUC Income
By 2019, Digital Transformation (DX) spending will reach $1.7 trillion worldwide, a 42% increase from 2017 - says International Data Corporation.
Docker has announced the general availability of Containerd 1.0, the industry-standard runtime used by millions of users.