February 2017 Vol.4.9 | Ashnik
Did PostgreSQL fail to live up to Uber's and Gitlab's expectations? Not really!
Is Big Data making marketing better? Answers Deepti Dilip, Head of Marcom
Ashnik Team Growing - Data Integration & BI Offerings
Indonesian bank leveraged Postgres to initiate Sharia Banking & plan future scale up
Modern IT Challenges Require a Multi-model Data Platform
The Holy Grail of Analytics is the Value between Data and Insight
PostgreSQL is trending once again but this time, for not so good reasons. There was a major downtime at Gitlab caused by a series of events and process failures. As you would read in the details, PostgreSQL was (and continues to be) Gitlab’s backend database.It was PostgreSQL database service which was unavailable for several hours...
- Sameer Kumar | Senior Database Solution Architect
Let’s go back in time when Big Data was an unknown entity. Marketers then relied upon all sorts of tools, knacks and even gut feelings to evaluate the success of their marketing campaigns. In our day, however Big Data has transformed the business scene. The marketing world that we live in now is swifter and evolving rapidly, literally in seconds...
- Deepti Dilip | Marketing & Communications Head
Happy to announce latest addition to our growing team. Recently, Saurav Mitra and Monika Agrawal have joined Ashnik to extend our expertise in Data Integration and BI offerings. Both, Saurav and Monika, bring global experience in these areas for a gamut of domains like Media, FMCG, Logistics, Retail & Distribution, Telecom, Banking, Health Care/Life Sciences, and more.
The customer is an Indonesian bank that is a market leader in the country’s mortgage loans sector and is positioned amongst the top ten of Indonesian banks in terms of assets and credit loans. Its activities are focussed on Consumer Banking, Commercial Banking and Shariah Banking (Islamic Banking). The bank started Shariah Banking practice as a Strategic Business Unit to serve the...
- Banking Application Case Study
"We are using Postgres Plus for one of our critical systems for OLTP application, and Ashnik has helped us in adopting this new technology. Currently we are satisfied with Ashnik’s performance."
– PT. Finnet, Indonesia
Uber uses Elasticsearch to support multiple use cases handling 1000+QPS at peak.
Open Source, Vendor Lock-In Are Top of Mind for Execs This Year.