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Neon-lit streets of Hong Kong streets had Red hue added this time during my recent visit there. Chinese New Year preparation was all around with glittery red lanterns, oranges, Mandarin trees filling up the surroundings. Evening light breeze flowing across the harbor was carrying the mesmerizing tunes of Chinese music....
- Kaustubh P | Director – ASEAN and HK, Ashnik
For every organisation, their digital transformation journey is unique to themselves – each business with their classified demands take on custom digital solutions in order to achieve their goals. No two digital transformation projects can ever be the same. That’s what makes it so fascinating....
- Deepti D | Director – Marketing and Communications, Ashnik
Use case: “Real Time Bancassurance data exchange program”- To incorporate ACORD standard to exchange policy, commission & premium related information with its partner broker bank and Insurance firm, in near real-time via XML SOAP messages and roll out similar data exchange program across different operating countries...
- Monika Agrawal | Solution Consultant, Ashnik
Saya telah memerhati AWS Aurora untuk seketika dan ia mendapat perhatian khas saya selepas ia dilancarkan bersama kesesuaian PostgreSQL. Tidak lama dahulu, saya juga telah menulis mengenai kenapa anda patut mempertimbangkan perpindahan pangkalan data ke komputasi awan dan bagaimana anda boleh mengatasi...
- Sameer K | Senior Solution Architect, Ashnik
"The introductory talk was insightful. The product presentation gave me a bigger picture around Docker. And the demos were useful in illustrating some of the points shared earlier. I was also struck by how knowledgeable some of the members of the audience were. I have much to learn."
- Rom Marshall | IBM Singapore (Attendee at Tech Insights)
The term "open source" was first applied to softwares, 20 years ago, in February 1998.
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