How is the identity of any organisation defined, specially that of growing organisations? It's always by its people. I believe that during the growing stages, people shape up an organisation and in many ways its journeys. We at Ashnik, are blessed that our team is growing and growing synergistically. When the vision and passion of a team is aligned, it generates an aura that automatically attracts like-minded people and the team grows.
Sachin Dabir, CEO, Ashnik (UK)
Yes? Or no? There is not one answer to that, but several. Because Data is influencing our lives in many, many amazing ways. Data has been always present, just at smaller magnitudes. Today with all the machine generated data through our everyday actions, on-the-go social media patterns, buying, moving, dealing, searching and hordes of other activities - tons of data is created, round the clock. And all this of data, created by millions of us, is recognised now by its more familiar name - Big Data Some say, Big Data is just another buzzword, a catch-phrase or a trend that will be dead in the next few years.
Deepti Dilip J, Head - Marketing & Communications | Ashnik
Time and again, I meet customers who are so used to a certain Relational Database product, that for them a concept is synonymous to the specific implementation of the concept. Over time, the proprietary players have sown the seed in our brains and have nourished them with tutorials and documentations and we tend to believe that a certain method is the only way of achieving something. Or in worst cases, I have seen customers asking for a feature...
Sameer Kumar, Database Consultant | Ashnik
Video Interview:
Talking to Ed Boyajian, CEO and President of EnterpriseDB
EnterpriseDB, the worldwide provider of enterprise-class Postgres products, announced Postgres Plus Advanced Server for OpenStack.
"Ashnik's Postgres training is an intense course covering both essentials and advanced topics of database administration. I found the course to be very practical and comprehensive. With deeper understanding of Postgres implementation, I've become more adept at database tuning. "
By Huang Yipeng, Member of Technical Staff, Information Div., DSO National Labs (Singapore)