July 2016 Vol.4.2 | Ashnik
Let's Go where the PokemonGoes - From the CEO's desk
Migrating from Proprietary RDBMS to PostgreSQL Database
You are looking for a Database, not a Swiss knife!
FinTech - Finance meets technology, just getting started!
Engage Customers with EDB Postgres and
Red Hat JBoss
为你解答关于Oracle迁移的所有问题!- From DB Solution Architect
PokemonGo is no more a child’s play. There are over 21 million Daily Active Users just in the USA, claims surveymonkey. Within the first week of its launch, it continues to pull people of all age groups into it. And the downside is, it is pulling down the servers due to overload. It already has surpassed Twitter and Tinder in terms of number of users...
- Sachin Dabir, CEO | Ashnik (USA)
Recently I have come across numerous situations where-in the organizations were considering to move from proprietary RDBMS system to Postgres. While they are willing to move to open source databases, they are sceptical whether PostgreSQL will be able to meet their specific requirements which are currently being taken care...
- Sushant Pawar | Database Solution Consultant
We keep having so many conversations with our customers, technology associates and regional partners across various geographies, and no discussion is really different. It commonly revolves around the need of different types of databases and the different data-models...
- Sameer Kumar | Database Solution Architect
FinTech – Finance meets technology – using technology to disrupt financial systems. There are many sectors of banking being disrupted by Fintech including wealth management, lending, digital identity, and lifestyle banking...
- Rekha R | Business Development Executive
"Ashnik Team helped us in our journey to migrate from Postgres to Postgres Plus database for our Enterprise level applications. This has helped us improve performance, scalability and availability of our system"
- Globe Telecom, Philippines
"Baidu has grown to become the largest MongoDB deployment in Greater China"
China's Retailers Embrace Big Data Revolution