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How does exponential development happen?
In simple words, exponential development is the increase in number or size of a certain movement, at a constantly growing rate. This progression starts gradually and then boom, it can gather a breakneck momentum. It’s perceived to go from level 0.1 to 0.2 to 0.4 ...
- Sachin Dabir | Director
Today, most of the cloud conversations with customers have shifted from “Should we move it to the cloud?” to “How can we move it to Cloud?” Everyone wants to leverage cloud as a platform and keen to start or accelerate their journey. The ‘How’ discussion primarily revolves around three key concerns...
- Sandeep Khuperkar | Director and CTO
Growing a business is tough and uses up every penny you put in. Companies for decades have been dropping huge dollars into mainstream media like TV, Outdoor and Print to earn recognition and consumers, all the while just hoping it would get them results. Fast forward to present day and we have a very diverse...
- Deepti Dilip | Marketing & Communications Head
We are using Postgres Plus for one of our critical systems for OLTP application, and Ashnik has helped us in adopting this new technology and we are happy with Ashnik's performance.
- PT. Finnet, Indonesia
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