Roadblocks to Digital Transformation - Stories from Southeast Asia
Chaos Engineering with Docker EE
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Containerization for Modernizing Applications
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Disruption from within: driving innovation at Franklin American with Docker EE
“KP, though every industry understands the need to transform digitally, only 62% of APAC organisations are in the initial stage of transformation and only about 35% of organisations have Digital transformation or DX leadership structure in place. Many are still struggling to clear the basic DX Roadblocks” said an IDC Research...
- Kaustubh P | Director – Southeast Asia and Hong Kong, Ashnik
Even before we get into the definition of Chaos Engineering or why it has become important, let’s take a look at traditional approach. Most of the applications and configuration would be put under stress testing to find out the breakage point. This primarily helped to assure the operations team that the provisioned capacity is enough...
- Sameer K | Senior Solution Architect, Ashnik
In my previous article Customizing relevancy in Elastic – Part 1, I talked about the important factors while trying to search on web or in your databases. Had also discussed about the various algorithms which are used while searching your contents or words...
- Ajit Gadge | Senior Consultant, Ashnik
Containers are fundamentally changing the way applications are being shipped and accessed. One of the important areas container technology has found large takers is modernization of older core applications that don’t fit DevOps strategies. Containers...
- Tushar R | Full Stack Developer, Ashnik
"Good initiative from Ashnik on bringing out the importance of Docker in an enterprise environment to optimize resources, delivery."
- Joshi Pradyumna, Scientific Officer at Bhabha Atomic Research Center (Tech Insights, Mumbai Attendee)
To reduce costs, ABN AMRO Clearing instituted a global policy to use open source solutions and hence upgrades system to EDB Postgres
Emirates is the first ever airline to incorporate virtual reality (VR) to enhance their digital booking experience