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While talking about and planning for Digital Transformation we have covered lot of elements of enterprise side of the IT. There is one more important aspect that is integral part of Digital Transformation and that is role of social media. Most enterprise IT product and technology vendors would not talk about it...
- Sachin Dabir, CEO | Ashnik (USA)
Durian and Big Data - Does that sound correct? You might wonder what is the relationship of Durian and Big Data. Apart from both these things appear exotic, is there anything else? But yes, you read it correctly - the world of Durian is changing by application of Big Data concepts. In my latest visit to Malaysia...
- Kaustubh P | Business Development & Strategy
Last month I was in in Brooklyn attending pgConf US, one of the largest Postgres conferences on the planet. I got a chance to learn more about how large conference are organized and I also got to meet various contributor, developers and committers of PostgreSQL Community...
- Sameer Kumar | Database Solution Architect
Be it work or at home, the first thing and mostly the only thing on our minds all the time is probably what do I munch to keep my attention span on. You have that deadline on at work, exhausted and you just want to open that stashed chips and cookies in the cabinet...
- Riddhi Shah | Digital Marketing Manager
"The training provided by Ashnik was quite comprehensive and helped our team get started on PostgreSQL. The team which comes from Oracle and SQL Server background had easy time in learning PostgreSQL concepts. Ashnik trainer was able to put up an analogy for Postgres concepts with other databases, making it easy for team to learn new technology. With this training, our team is now equipped to handle the Postgres adoption planned at the Philippines National Bank."
- Philippines National Bank
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