I have not seen any customer asking us to supply 'Big Data' product or solution. Till few years back I have seen customers used to talk about their technology challenges and also tell to the suppliers the products and services they needed to address those challenges. It worked till the time business problem could be solved with given set of IT products. IT and business had an arms length relationship. We all know that today, business and IT solutions go hand in hand.
Sachin Dabir | CEO - Ashnik (UK)
Remember my previous article on archiving data from OLTP database to a MongoDB store? The story was about a customer (a Bank) who wanted to archive data in a distributed and sharded data store. That blog was about how MongoDB can help store this data in a way customer desired to. There is one more aspect to this requirement. The data that was so far being considered to be an overhead from
Sameer Kumar | Database Solution Architect - Ashnik, Singapore
The WebSocket specification developed as part of the HTML5 initiative-which defines a full-duplex single socket connection over which messages can be sent between client and server. HTML5 WebSockets defines an API that enables web pages to use the WebSockets protocol for 2 way communication with remote host. HTML5 WebSockets based applications place less burden on servers, allowing the servers to support more concurrent connections. WebSocket also provides ability to traverse firewall and proxies, it detects the presence of proxy server
Sandeep Khuperkar | Director - Ashnik, India
Listening is one of the most important skills that you can have. How well you listen has a major impact on your job effectiveness and on the quality of your relationships with others. Mr. Lee was a newly appointed assistant manager in a workshop. He was not paying attention when his lead engineer informed him about
Indrayani Valinjkar | MBA - HR
MA - Counselling Psychologist, Certified Yoga teacher
"Ashnik gives us a lot of confidence on PostgreSQL Database. And now, we have already taken an important initiation step to use PostgresSQL Enterprise as our database platform."
InMobi, one of the fastest growing global mobile advertising networks, delivers results to its partners through intelligent mobile advertising solutions. The advanced technology enables advertisers to discover their target audience on mobile internet sites and mobile applications in a measurable manner. Publishers can leverage the capability to serve contextual ads to the users of their sites, thereby increasing the value of their mobile property. InMobi's vast reach coupled with the precision of the mobile medium provides the optimal platform for advertisers and publishers to take advantage of mobile advertising. A key requirement for supporting mobile advertising is a scalable database.
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70% of enterprise organisations and 56% of SMB have already deployed / plan to deploy big data projects. - IDG study