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Log analysis has become a critical need of every business to improve their operational performance in IT and business. Today organizations generate massive amount of data from various aspects of their operations causing radical and unprecedented growth of log files. With data amounting to terabytes and more...
- Sandeep Khuperkar | Director and CTO
I have been observing AWS Aurora for a while and it has my special attention after being launched with PostgreSQL compatibility. Not too long back, I had even written about why you should consider moving your database to cloud and how you can overcome the challenges of database migration to cloud...
- Sameer Kumar | Database Solution Architect
The reception of open source technology has been very positive across Asia, following accelerated deployment of open source technology worldwide. It has undoubtedly been gaining ground across the globe and Philippines, like its Asian neighbors is exhibiting this trend. As individuals and organizations in the country are getting more...
- Cha Mamuyac | Partner Account Manager, Phillipines
The presence of technology can be sensed in all aspects of our lives today. There are so many wonderful advantages of technology that now we would probably struggle to remember a time without technology. It has shrunk our world and allowed us to connect with people from across the globe in a matter of seconds...
- Sakshi Singh | Marketing Executive
Ashnik Team helped us in our journey to migrate from Postgres to Postgres Plus database for our Enterprise level applications. This has helped us improve performance, scalability and availability of our system.
- Globe Telecom, Philippines
EDB Postgres improved resilience by 92% for London Tunnel Monitoring System.
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