The database market is poised for interesting developments. It looks like there is a big demand for cloud database. According to market research firm MarketsandMarkets study the cloud database market is expected to be $14.05 billions by 2019. This is not surprising given the adoption of cloud infrastructure by enterprises in various forms SAAS, PAAS etc. The journey of embracing cloud or cloud based infrastructure continues and it is moving in the direction
Sachin Dabir, CEO, Ashnik (UK)
NGINX as a web server handles static content very efficiently , in addition Nginx can act as a very capable cache server. Nginx can cache content received from other servers.Nginx can be used as both as cache server and load balancer by acting as a gateway for other web or application servers.Nginx as a cache sever receives the initial HTTP requests it then handles the request if it has a cached copy of requested resource orelse pass on the request to origin server.Response from the origin server are read by the cache server to decide if the response needs to be cached or pass through.
Sandeep Khuperkar | Director – Ashnik, India
When it comes to reliability and recover-ability, PostgreSQL is as good a database as any other RDBMS implementation we see in the market. Postgres very strongly complies with ACID philosophy of Relational Databases. It has Multi-version concept where the older snapshot of rows/data is preserved until any transaction which may need it lives (something similar to UNDO tablespaces or rollback segment of Oracle).
Sameer Kumar | Database Solution Architect - Ashnik, Singapore
Mr. Alan, a newly married, looked very worried and sad as his wife was not ready to return home after delivery. Mrs. Sheena, his wife refused to stay in a joint family with him however she confessed that she loves Alan very much. Alan, as youngest in the family was much close to the parents and deeply in love with Sheena as well. Alan had left the situation on his fate..
Indrayani Valinjkar | MBA - HR
MA - Counselling Psychologist, Certified Yoga teacher
"Skype has been using PostgreSQL as the main DB for most of our business needs right from the start."
EnterpriseDB (EDB), the leading worldwide provider of enterprise-class Postgres products and database compatibility solutions, today announced the release of a new Postgres extension that lets users seamlessly connect MySQL and Postgres databases. Such extensions for enabling Postgres to federate data gives end users broad new powers to realize greater value from their data by combining systems for a single view of customer and other data.
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Today NGINX powers 40% of the top 10,000 busiest sites and more than 20% of all web sites on the Internet