ASHNIK 2017 | NOVEMBER EDITION - Issue no. 48
Polyglot Persistence – Data Architecture for Enterprises?
The Millennials and Gen Z – and their 'Digital' habits!
Containerization – Key to a successful Cloud strategy!
Insurance Co. uses Pentaho, EDB Postgres and Couchbase – drives Domain Solutioning
Containers: Impossible to Ignore and Just Might Change Everything
Hitachi Vantara Launches Pentaho 8.0 With Real-Time Data Processing
You must be hearing the term Polyglot Persistence quite often. So I thought, why not take our readers through what exactly it is, the role it plays and more. Let’s start with the basics – Polyglot Persistence is the idea of using various, right-fitting databases to store data for either single or multiple applications...
- Sandeep K | Director and CTO
We all have very busy lives. And even busier social media lives. Our digital consumption today is far, far heavier and our smart phones have made us fidgety fingered without an ounce of rest. Our phones have become so crucial to us today that our necessities list would literally read like air, water, food and phone...
- Deepti D | Marketing & Communications Head
And here I am, back to writing and this time it is about Cloud. Today, it is an undisputable fact that whether you are a start-up or a mid-level or a behemoth, Cloud is the way forward. Hence, what better than sponsoring Asia’s largest and best-attended cloud event for business, Cloud Expo Asia (CEA) in Singapore...
- Rekha R | Business Development Executive
Use case: Mobile Application with offline first approach. One of Ashnik’s customers – a top Insurance company in Asia was looking to develop a mobile application with online & offline capabilities. The needs being: To enable the field agents to access their customers’ insurance related information for read and offline operations...
- Saurav M | BI and Data Integration Architect
Ashnik team has helped us in our journey to migrate from Postgres to Postgres Plus database for our Enterprise level applications. This has helped us improve performance, scalability and availability of our system.
- Globe Telecom, Philippines, One of the largest Telecommunications company in Philippines
Docker will now be delivering seamless integration of Kubernetes
Google's Cloud SQL for PostgreSQL adds high availability and replication