"…. But what is Big Data? ", "What technologies are called Big Data?", "Where do I start off?", "How do I get budget for Big Data project?" These are the commonly heard questions when you meet enterprises and drop a word ‘Big Data’. Many times it is greeted with sarcastic smile or looked down upon as a sales pitch. Unfortunately, there is an element of truth behind that sarcasm and disdain for sales pitch.
Sachin Dabir | CEO
NGINX Plus is a trusted, supported & secured platform for Application Delivery. NGINX Plus combines web server with load balancer, content cache, and media deliver into a high performance Application Deliver Platform (ADP). NGINX Plus as a crucial component of application delivery platform plays a key role in serving the modern web: Microservices : Microservices is a methodology for scaling applications by breaking them down into a suite of small independent services. NGINX Plus helps bind these services together.
Sandeep Khuperkar | Director
Over last few weeks we have been getting a lot of queries on Oracle Migration and Oracle Replacement. Some of those queries were specific about migrating the Oracle database to a more cost effective option- Postgres Plus Advanced Server and some other queries were about strategic initiatives of replacing Oracle in their Data centres. We have always been getting inquiries from customers
Sameer Kumar | Database Solution Architect
Just a few months back, I got the biggest promotion of my life – becoming a mother. A life-altering experience for a woman in several beautiful ways *ahem* I am not mentioning the complimentary rewards like smelly diapers, projectile pukes, dark circles and other such fun stuff.
Deepti Dilip | Marketing & Communications Head
"Ashnik team has helped us in providing very valuable information on Pentaho and Big Data. They administer a complete solution around this technology such as gathering data, analysis and design. They have good expertise for the solution around financial industry on consumer banking to implement in CRM and fraud detection."
Open source software (OSS) has long been recognized as an opportunity for cost savings in the enterprise beginning with Linux for operating systems. New research from Gartner has now verified that many organizations can now extend that savings to the database layer.
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"Igor Sysoev commenced development on Nginx in 2002. Originally, Nginx was developed for websites like Rambler- where it served 500 million requests/day."