ASHNIK 2017 | OCTOBER EDITION - Issue no. 47
Selling to the Segment of One - Stories from South East Asia
Is Digital transformation (DX) only for Organisations? No way!
Connecting the dots…my journey of 20 years!
What's in the latest Docker EE 17.06? Find out in this episode of TechnoSession
PostgreSQL’s Hash Indexes Are Now Cool
Pentaho is Vantara: Here's What it Means
Exhausted from a busy day at the field with back to back customer meetings, our whole team headed for the newly opened Kopitiam across our office building. The scorching sun made even a little walk to our usual joint at Lau Pa Sat little impractical, particularly on a hot humid day. A smiling, warm face welcomed us all to the Coffee shop...
- Kaustubh P | Business Development & Strategy
Look at how Countries are now adopting innovative digital initiatives. Isn’t it a recognized fact that today Organisations are emphatically adopting digital transformation or are pipe-lining it? Simply to take the next step towards growth, outdo their competition or better consumer experience. So why should Nations stay on the back burner?...
- Deepti Dilip | Marketing & Communications Head
Hailing from an application programming background, Open Source was not an unheard term to me. I still remember the excitement in the techie world around me 20 years back, when Linux became available to download. Many project-mates downloaded it instantly and were running it on their systems enthusiastically. For a period of time, lunch discussions used to be only about experiments with Linux...
- Nalini Thite | Key Accounts Manager at Ashnik
The introductory talk was insightful. The product presentation gave me a bigger picture around Docker. And the demos were useful in illustrating some of the points shared earlier. I was also struck by how knowledgeable some of the members of the audience were. I have much to learn.
- Rom Marshall, IBM Singapore (Attendee at Tech Insights)
Docker 'Official Images' now to include images for data stores such as PostgreSQL
PostgreSQL 10 has just released - Delivers more Database Flexibility & Performance