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One of the last citadels of legacy architecture is hardware load balancers. They are the gatekeepers to your application access and in turn, determines success or failure of your business. Enterprises are spending huge efforts in modernizing IT at every level – application, database, infrastructure, security, everything that you can think about. But most of the time, we found that they overlook the fact that...
- Sandeep K | CTO and Director, Ashnik
Google Recently launched Google Chat for GSuite users. Though it is far from perfect, I found it quite useful and hope that it would become a good alternative to Slack. It allows you to have DM (one-on-one) chat and create rooms (kind of group chat) – generalized as a SPACE...
- Sameer K | Senior Solution Architect, Ashnik
I wanted to share some recommendations for setting up an Elastic Stack cluster to achieve high availability / DR. Recently, I came across a situation where a large one organization is building the ELK stack (Elastic Stack) across the data center, the architecture...
- Ajit G | Senior Consultant, Ashnik
"Good initiative from Ashnik on bringing out the importance of Docker in an enterprise environment to optimize resources and delivery"
- Joshi Pradyumna, Scientific Officer at Bhabha Atomic Research Center
Couchbase is the first NoSQL database to launch a production-ready Kubernetes operator for open source Kubernetes and Red Hat OpenShift.
Malaysia Airports humanizing technology to provide better Customer Experience