Like any 6 years old, young company we have been through and still going through complexities of team building and organizational growth. Our challenges are very different than 200+ people organization, nevertheless we have to address them. One of the most important questions that we have to face is in front of the customers. Who we are, why should customer trust us, why should customer give business to us, would we be around in one year to provide continued services etc.
Sachin Dabir | CEO - Ashnik
In today's world it is very important that the application or website perform better. While the way application written and the infrastructure on which it is deployed plays very key role in delivering performance, but many times some basic things like implementing caching helps to improve the performance significantly. NGINX Plus is mostly deployed as web accelerator, reverse proxy / load balancer and also has a extensive caching features. Below section gives quick view on the directives which can help you configure basic caching with NGINX Plus.
Sandeep Khuperkar | Director
Recently our team was called up to salvage a situation wherein the customer was not able to access 2 of their tables. As it seemed, those tables were the most frequently accessed tables for them. Our team had an overview of the situation and investigated the database logs. We had a suspicion that the issue was caused by a defect. We shared the same with product support team, who further confirmed it.
Sameer Kumar | Database Solution Architect
"Aha, now I understand a bit Dad", said suddenly my 6year old son with his eyes lit up with expression of enthusiasm that only a minute ago seemed unfathomable, wearing an expression on his face that said "Huh, Dad, I am not able to understand what are you blabbering about?". Examples of Chocolate and Cookies always work
Kaustubh Patwardhan | Head - Business Development and Strategy
"We have a legacy application storing gigabits of data in PostgreSQL database which records thousands of transactions per second. We contacted EnterpriseDB & Ashnik to perform database tuning, cleanup as well as to do performance improvements on our database. Ashnik's professionals did a very good job of ensuring that not only was our database optimized for current transaction load, but is also ready for future growth. I highly recommend their services."
A clear sign of changing times is the increasing number of companies in the financial services industry moving away from their traditional database solutions. One of the best examples is ABN AMRO Clearing, part of the state-owned ABN AMRO bank and a global leader in derivatives and equity clearing.
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