September 2016 Vol.4.4 | Ashnik
Overdose of Big Data discussions? - From the CEO's desk
What is your excuse for not moving database to Cloud?
Is Big Data making marketing better? Answers Deepti Dilip, Head of Marcom
Disconnect to Reconnect – A way for Mental Detox
IT Market Research Firm Reveals 168% ROI with EDB Postgres Platform
Filling the Data Lake with Hadoop and Pentaho
IT industry is notorious for creating buzzwords, lot of noise, marketing material, research papers about predictions often times. Since I have been long enough in the industry, I can comfortably say that more trends or predications have been created than actually delivered. At the outset, Big Data seemed to be one among that...
- Sachin Dabir, CEO | Ashnik (USA)
Cloud is already a key IT platform for large enterprises and database in cloud will be the next big leap. Most of the new age companies who started operations in the last decade have already reaped the benefits of database in a cloud environment or Database-as-a-Service. But there has been some resistance at some enterprise level...
- Sameer Kumar | Database Solution Architect
Let’s go back in time when Big Data was an unknown entity. Marketers then relied upon all sorts of tools, knacks and even gut feelings to evaluate the success of their marketing campaigns. In our day, however Big Data has transformed the business scene. The marketing world that we live in now is swifter and evolving rapidly, literally in seconds...
- Deepti Dilip | Marketing & Communications Head
Don’t we all miss those days when our lives were really lived, shared and experienced in real time? Although we would admit all of this, yet we won’t really let go of this unhealthy attachment to technologically enabled life. A life where the mental mayhem is only on the rise. With so much information available about everything and everybody...
- Riddhi Shah | Digital Marketing Manager
"Ashnik Team helped us in our journey to migrate from Postgres to Postgres Plus database for our Enterprise level applications. This has helped us improve performance, scalability and availability of our system."
- Globe Telecom, Philippines
MongoDB and Couchbase placed among the leaders in Forrester Wave™: Big Data NoSQL, Q3 2016 report.
Why open source matters to the IoT market?