ASHNIK 2017 | SEPTEMBER EDITION - Issue no. 46
Digital Transformation is bigger than Harvey, Irma – How can you prepare for it?
Digital Transformation – key technologies to Turn insights to action!
DevOps – To get it right, get to know what it is not!
Going beyond 'Active-Active' design considerations
When to Use Sever-Side Logic
From Siloed Data to Increased Organizational Productivity
Recently, hurricanes Harvey and Irma battered countries in North America. There was so much of destruction but due to the adequate warnings and preparations, loss of human life was minimized. There is a lot of similarity in these hurricanes and the Digital Transformation wave. We cannot stop either, but if prepared well...
- Sachin Dabir | Director
Is Digital transformation real? Answer is a resounding yes! And it is taking the businesses by storm. Every business is turning or trying to become a digitally driven business. Most businesses have understood the importance of re-aligning their processes and technologies. Most CXOs are acutely aware of the fact that they must act and drive...
- Sandeep Khuperkar | Director and CTO
Recently, I have been spending a substantial amount of time working with folks from operations in various enterprises. Most of the times, their stories are very alike – the Ops teams are having trouble with the way DevOps is being ‘adopted’ in their respective organizations. DevOps is no more just a buzz word...
- Sameer Kumar | Database Solution Architect
Many times, when I am talking to larger enterprises about their database designs, I get to hear the term ‘Active-Active’ as a requirement from customer side. I usually ask customers to specify what exactly are they looking for it. Most often, they start telling the features of some commercial database vendor...
- Ajit Gadge | Database Consultant
The key for any Organisation's marketing strategy is to have a better view of segmented, target based campaigns as well as User 3600 insights. Ashnik, through its expertise in Enterprise Database consulting (Primarily in PostgreSQL) has supported our Organisation to enable with those capabilities while lowering costs and reducing risks in our Business transformation drive.
- NTUC Link
Postgres-as-a-Service is now available on AWS Cloud
McDonald's forms new tech partnerships to fire up digital transformation