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Are Containers Replacing Virtual Machines?
As you add applications and infrastructure to your enterprise setup, the amount of log data keeps on growing enormously. Hence, logs come into play, in-order to debug and keep your services active and running efficiently. If you are a large enterprise, you may also need to ensure...
- Tushar R | Full Stack Developer, Ashnik
The Postgres version 10 had released almost a year ago. And yet, I see many organizations still running their workload on the earlier versions. Postgres 10 has some very interesting and cool features which you cannot give a miss...
- Sushant Pawar | Database Solution Consultant, Ashnik
Salah satu pelanggan Ashnik – sebuah perusahaan asuransi kelas atas di Asia telah berusaha mengembangkan aplikasi mobile yang memiliki kapabilitas online dan offline. Kebutuhan-kebutuhannya sebagai berikut: Memungkinkan para agen lapangan mengakses informasi terkait pelanggan-pelanggan mereka untuk dibaca dan kegiatan berbasis offline...
- Saurav M | BI and Data Integration Architect, Ashnik
"This event gave a good product knowledge of Postgres and also give an insight how to do a digital transformation. The sample use case and panel discussion were very helpful"
- Asep Wahyu, Solutions Architect, Ericsson
"83% of container deployers use containers on multiple public clouds"

- IDC survey on containers, 2018

eBay has announced its own custom-designed servers, built by eBay, for eBay. Intends to make it available to public via Open Source