Partner December Edition – Issue No. 9

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Pentaho Labs Innovates with Internet of Things Protocol to ease out connection between physical devices and the data integration process

According to Gartner, the increasing number of sensors, devices, and other connected devices that make up the Internet of Things (IoT) bring significant data integration challenges. To take a forward look at addressing these challenges, Pentaho, a Hitachi Group Company, today announced that Pentaho Labs has created an integration with MQTT, a popular machine-to-machine (M2M) IoT transport protocol, to act as the connecting link between physical devices and the data integration process.

Create your own Tag Cloud with the new visualization in Kibana!

The 5.1 Elastic Stack arrived last month, and with it, a brand new and svelte visualization for Kibana: Tag Cloud! It is the first new visualization in a long time and we look forward to our users using Tag Cloud to enrich their dashboards, reports and presentations.

Docker for Windows and Windows Containers to help IT embrace containerization

Docker now supports Windows Server 2016. Docker CS Engine 1.12 runs on Windows Server 2016 and helps enterprise IT teams embrace containerization and use Docker to build, ship and run their windows application workloads, anywhere. Watch this webinar recording to learn how this works and watch a live demo of Docker on Windows Server 2016.

Couchbase Enables Real-Time Visibility to Manage Millions of Connected Enterprise Devices

Couchbase Inc., the provider of the database for the Digital Economy, announced its market-leading database supports device management capabilities for millions of connected enterprise devices on Verizon Labs’ innovative IoT platform. Verizon is radically simplifying the process of developing new IoT solutions and accelerating time to market. Businesses can gain actionable insights on the millions, and one day billions, of connected devices on Verizon’s IoT platform supported by Couchbase.

How BT revolutionizes cybercrime prevention by embedding Pentaho’s big data integration and analytics platform

As one of the world’s leading global communications services companies, BT has a unique challenge. Maintaining cybersecurity is no longer just about keeping an eye on what is happening within the network, but also about connecting together all the pieces of the extended network: the cloud, third party platforms, telemetry data, and IoT data.

Why not move database to Cloud? What excuses do customers have?

Most of the new age companies who started operations in the last decade have already reaped the benefits of database in a cloud environment or Database-as-a-Service. But there has been some resistance at certain enterprise levels, when it comes to putting database in Cloud. We can feel this resistance whenever there is a discussion about cloud adoption with enterprises in retail, banking, insurance or telecom.

Open Source Helps Drive Cloud Adoption Says 2016 Future of Cloud Survey

“Open source software is the cornerstone for cloud computing. Open, collaborative development has nurtured a vibrant ecosystem that is fueling new services that in turn spur commercial adoption,” said Jim Zemlin, Executive Director of The Linux Foundation.

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