Partner February Edition – Issue No. 1

PostgreSQL 9.5 and Postgres Advanced Server 9.5 are GA now

In January, PostgreSQL community released new version of PostgreSQL – v9.5. In Addition to inheriting features from PostgreSQL v9.5 like UPSERT, Big Data, Security, & more, Postgres Advanced Server, released by EnterpriseDB also has better Oracle Compatibility, login management & more.

Did you know MongoDB v3.2 is already out?

MongoDB announced release of MongoDB v3.2 in Nov 2015. First release since MongoDB v2.6 to v3.0, tagging it as “a new era of product maturity”, they took the next leap to make it more general purpose database offering document validation, partial indexes, new storage engine & more.

Pentaho lab develops Python native integration

Pentaho has announced successful native integration for Python. Pentaho already has support for R and Weka. Addition of Python means data scientists can now use a general purpose language with PDI. Python is claimed by many as most powerful and flexible Open Source language.

NGINX Inc Announces General Availability of NGINX Plus R8

NGINX team has announced GA of latest release of application delivery platform – NGINX Plus Release 8. The release adds a whole lot of new features with a lot of focus on security, flexibility, production ready HTTP/2 implementation, better content caching and more.

How to Dockerize your PostgreSQL setup

Docker, an easy way of developing & deploying self-sufficient containers, is currently one of the hot-cakes in Open Source software world. Follow these steps to run a Docker image for PostgreSQL. If you would want to play and create your own Docker image for PostgreSQL, here is your guide.

Video Tutorial – How to Upgrade Postgres version

PostgreSQL community announced GA of PostgreSQL 9.5 followed by EnterpriseDB’s announcement of Postgres Advanced Server 9.5. If you are wondering to take up an upgrade from older version of Postgres to a new version, here is a video tutorial to help you.

Read this Ashnik Success Story to know why NTUC Link, which spearheads the largest consumer loyalty program in Singapore, chose Postgres as a choice of database platform for their Campaign management application.