Partner January Edition – Issue No. 10


EDB makes open call for Postgres NoSQL performance benchmarks

EnterpriseDB has begun running comparison tests to help Postgres users better assess the NoSQL capabilities of Postgres. The tests compare PostgreSQL (often called Postgres) with MongoDB as recent advances have significantly enhanced Postgres’ capacity to support document databases.

Elasticsearch welcomes Numeric and Date Range field types for more futuristic use cases

Imagine being able to index your calendar to quickly find all events whose time range conflicts with a proposed event. Or creating a global television guide to find all shows, movies, sports, or broadcasts that are aired during certain time periods. Looking for something even more futuristic? Imagine creating a catalog of spectral signatures for all known cancer cells in order to more rapidly identify, classify, and diagnose potential malignant activity.

Couchbase provides full SQL access to JSON data making database connectors to Couchbase more efficient, performant, and scalable than other NoSQL providers

Digital Economy companies store their operational data in JSON using Couchbase. Integrating that JSON data with the universe of existing relational tools and applications increases productivity, leverages existing skills and resources, and decreases time to market. Couchbase’s SQL-based query language, called N1QL, provides full SQL access to your JSON data (including joins, aggregates, and optimized index data access)

Docker boosts container storage with Infinit Acquisition, thereby fulfilling the promise to its users with new storage capabilities

Docker Inc. announced on recently that it is acquiring privately-held distributed storage vendor Infinit. The Infinit Storage Platform is an open-source decentralized software defined storage technology that is ideally suited for container and micro-services deployments. The Infinit approach makes use of multiple nodes in a peer to peer model.

CPU management in Docker 1.13

Resource management for containers is a huge requirement for production users. Being able to run multiple containers on a single host and ensure that one container does not starve the others in terms of CPU, memory, io, or networking in an efficient way is why I like working with containers. However, CPU management for containers is still not as straightforward as what I would like.

Couchbase Mobile for secure and easy access, sync and storage of mobile data

In this day and age of Big data, where data is raw material of business and is mined, analyzed to get precious information, organizations cannot afford to lose data.Recently we came across a requirement where customer who is one of the leading insurance providers in South East Asia. The customer wanted the data on their agent’s (field agents) devices to be uploaded onto a common server. This was  particularly required to ensure that the data on the device is not lost due to sudden loss of device and can be retrieved.

NoSQL for Travel & Hospitality

Discover how Ryanair & UnitedAirlines are changing the travel industry by switching to Couchbase.

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