Partner June Edition – Issue No. 13


EnterpriseDB announces new ‘Postgres Rocks’ Online User Forum to foster conversation and ongoing collaboration among Postgres end users

At Postgres Vision 2017, EnterpriseDB® (EDB™), the database platform company for digital business, announced the launch of Postgres Rocks, a new online user forum designed to foster conversation and ongoing collaboration among Postgres users. With Postgres adoption rising and deployments supporting larger and more complex digital applications, end users will benefit from a destination that enables dynamic interaction, collaboration, and access to world-class resources.
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Pentaho 7.1 delivers a unique approach to support Spark, adds more cloud options with Microsoft Azure, visualizations for data prep and Hortonworks Hadoop security.

With adaptive execution on Spark in a visual environment, Pentaho 7.1 makes big data developers more productive and Spark more accessible to non-developers. Users can now create data integration logic one time, and then choose the most appropriate big data processing engine for each workload at run-time. This release starts with Spark, but can easily support other engines in the future.
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MongoDB unveils MongoDB Stitch, the new Backend as a Service that dramatically simplifies spplication development

MongoDB, the database for giant ideas, today announced MongoDB Stitch, the company’s new backend as a service (BaaS) that lets developers easily compose external services to build great applications, without compromising on how they access their data. MongoDB Stitch provides a uniform, document-centric API to database operations and service integrations, and powerful, flexible access controls.
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Docker’s tools of mass innovation: Explosive growth from Open-Source containers to commercial platform for modernizing and managing Apps

From a quiet introduction and nerve-wracking demo to more than 13 billion downloads in just four years, Docker has emerged as an industry-changing phenom that completely altered how organizations and developers look at virtualization. By standardizing containers and making them more efficient, secure, and easy to deploy, the open-source project has evolved into a complete commercial suite of programs to help enterprise organizations seamlessly adopt the new technology.
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Looking at Content Recommendation through a search lens

In this article we would like to share how we reduced the problem of recommending content to a user, to a search problem for users’ implied interests, and how this enabled us to solve some of our major scale bottlenecks, and to increase the complexity of our online prediction models.
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How to achieve Durability with PostgreSQL without compromising on Availability

While designing a database system most of the time you have to pick a compromise between availability, durability, performance and cost. Most of the time system design prefers being fast by default, thereby leaving a question about its durability need. Postgres community has a different approach to this problem.

– Prathima Mulpuri, Database Consultant at Ashnik
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PayPal uses Docker to containerize existing apps, save money and boost security

Today PayPal uses Docker’s commercial solutions to enable them to not only provide gains for their developers, in terms of productivity and agility, but also for their infrastructure teams in the form of cost efficiency and enterprise-grade security.
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