Partner June Edition – Issue No. 4


EDB Launches Industry’s First Integrated Open Source-Based Operational Database Management Platform

EDBPostgres announced industry’s first enterprise class, integrated open source-based database management platform. It enables a wide range of deployment topologies; integrates EDB’s mature, enterprise-ready Postgres database with other leading data management solutions; and offers a specialized partner ecosystem for new, more agile deployment models.

Elastic Brings Real-Time Graph Analytics to the Elastic Stack

Elastic unveiled Graph, a new extension for Elasticsearch and Kibana that allows anyone to uncover, understand, and explore the relationships that live in their data. By combining the speed and relevance-ranking of search with graph exploration, Graph opens up a whole host of new use-cases with the Elastic Stack.

Couchbase and Plexistor Demonstrate a Faster, more Durable and Easier to Manage NoSQL Database in Couchbase Server 4.5

Plexistor and Couchbase released results of benchmarking the new Couchbase Server 4.5 as a cluster of containers leveraging Plexistor’s Software Defined Memory (SDM). The results showed that Plexistor’s SDM sped up the Couchbase Server 4.5 throughput and latency allowing Couchbase users to sustain much higher throughput with full persistence.

Pentaho 6.1 Speeds Data Pipeline for Traditional and Big Data Environments

Pentaho has made enhancements to its metadata injection feature set to reduce development time for data on-boarding in both traditional and Hadoop environments. It accelerates the big data analytics pipeline by simplifying the on-boarding process, while adding capabilities to drive more agile and automated big data analytics at scale.

Docker aims to protect container content with Docker Security Scanning

Docker has announced that Project Nautilus, the company’s ongoing effort to safeguard container content, is now generally available as Docker Security Scanning. Docker Security Scanning is designed to provide developers with a security assessment of their software within container images.

Real-time integration of PostgreSQL and Kafka is made possible with Bottled Water tool. It lets you transform your PostgreSQL database into a stream of structured Kafka events. Read here how it is tremendously useful for data integration.

Video Tutorial – Postgres: Hot Streaming Replication will get “Hotter” – literally

Understand how the end users will get benefited in day-to-day operations with the new Postgres enhancements like New ‘remote_apply’ option for synchronous_commit, Multiple Synchronous Standby, Replication Statistics. The video will also benefit those who are planning new workloads for Postgres.

Linkedin, with the help of Couchbase Server achieved the scalability and performance of the site thereby delivering 400,000 operations/second on just four server nodes. Read here to learn how.