Partner March Edition – Issue No. 11


EnterpriseDB Sets New Standard for Digital Business with Release of the EDB Postgres Platform 2017

The EDB Postgres 2017 version of the platform enables organizations to improve decision-making, explore new revenue opportunities, and boost productivity with better support for advanced analytics and data integration. It supports faster analytics, greater integration, larger data sets, and more robust, high-performance configurations.
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New Release of Couchbase Data Platform Powers Always-On Digital Business Applications Across All Channels and Devices with Advanced Security

Couchbase, Inc., the NoSQL leader, announced today a new release of the Couchbase data platform that powers web, mobile and IoT (Internet of Things) applications for digital businesses. The enhanced product suite now provides easier global application deployments, advanced security capabilities and greater development flexibility, and includes Couchbase Server 4.6, Couchbase Sync Gateway 1.4, Couchbase Kafka Connector 3.0 and Couchbase Spark Connector 2.0.
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Elastic Cloud Enterprise Beta – What Problems Elastic Cloud Enterprise Can Solve For customers?

While the announcement of the public alpha of Elastic Cloud Enterprise, what it is and who it was for, happened sometime ago, now it’s time for the beta. In the beta availability, let’s discuss what problems Elastic Cloud Enterprise can solve for you. There’s better guidance on what you need to get started and more information about installing Elastic Cloud Enterprise in specific environments, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud Platform (GCP).
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Benchmarks Reveal Major Increase in EDB Replication Performance

The EDB Postgres Replication Server with Multi-master Replication (MMR), which is integrated into the EDB Postgres Platform, has been advanced to deliver greater performance as workloads have become heavier. Over the three months, patterns in the benchmarking results led to refinement of the testing procedures to focus on those patterns.
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Did PostgreSQL fail to live up to Uber’s and Gitlab’s expectations? Not really!

One of my very good friends asked me, “is PostgreSQL not able to live up to the recently attained popularity and expansion among users?” That made me ponder upon how people have perceived both of this recent news on Uber and Gitlab. Only select few have tried to really dig into what Uber said and if those reasons are relevant to their environments. – Sameer Kumar, Senior Database Solution Architect at Ashnik
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The Elastic Stack is helping Sprint, Communications services giant power the search for real-time insight into their retail operations

“Tools like the Elastic Stack are making the difference for the company and for the consumers…We don’t need to roll out a secret plan to gain an edge over the competition. Being able to see problems in the system and take care of them in seconds instead of hours or days is a huge advantage.” – Sreedhar Busanelli, Chief Strategist at Sprint
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