Partner March Edition – Issue No. 2

EnterpriseDB Announced Collaboration with Google Cloud Platform

EnterpriseDB has been providing DBaS on Amazon Web Services (which is HIPAA Compliant) for a few years. Now EDB Postgres Enterprise is available in Google Cloud Launcher also which is designed to make developers more efficient, removing operational deployment and configuration tasks.

Redefine your Infrastructure provisioning with Dockers

Docker is a container technology to package a software application in a complete filesystem that contains everything along with all the dependencies into a standardized unit for development. It has sophisticated features like multi-host network, persistent storage, native cluster and many more. Ashnik has recently signed-up partnership with Dockers to bring benefits of Dockerization to our customers in South East Asia and India.

A Splunk Substitute? Elastic announces new Elastic Stack

At Elastic{ON}16, Elastic made some announcements about product re-alignment and their vision for Elastic Stack and X-Pack. It’s products like Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana and the new entrant in the stack, Beats will have their releases aligned with each other. Also, X-Pack will bundle add-on features whose application and use cases varies from Dash-boarding to Log-management (a Splunk substitute) to Personalized Search. Ashnik has now partnered with Elastic, the company behind enterprise support for Elastic Stack.

PostgreSQL Vs MS SQL Server

A fair real-world comparison of two popular RDBMS outlines why some of the developers have their biases towards using PostgreSQL and prefer it over the RDBMS product from Microsoft.

Simplifying Business Analytics, BI & Big Data Enterprise Architecture

Learn how Pentaho can be a single data-management tool for you to handle tasks from Data Integration to BI and from Business Analytics to setting up Big Data architecture.

Open Source adoption helped Dutch Public Health Care Overhaul. Read the story to know how EnterpriseDB played a key role by working with different software developers involved with Dutch Government IT Department.