Partner May Edition – Issue No. 3

Postgres on POWER

IBM announced a new RapidBuild reseller channel, Avnet being one of the first resellers to enrol in the program. This will enable partners to resell value-added Power8 Box to customers. EnterpriseDB Postgres Plus Advanced Server can be installed and run on IBM Power8, allowing users to achieve better price-performance value.

Announcing NGINX Plus R9

NGINX announced the availability of NGINX Plus Release 9 (R9), the latest release of their application delivery platform. This update provides two significant new features: the ability to dynamically load rich extensions to NGINX Plus without the need for custom binaries, and commercially-supported UDP load balancing alongside the existing TCP and HTTP load-balancing capabilities.

Accelerating the Analytic Data Pipeline with Pentaho 6.1 release

Pentaho 6.1 is going to bring more agility and flexibility to your data management practices. Key feature highlights include Metadata injection, Data On-boarding Blueprint, ability to work with JSON data, deeper in-line Modeling Capabilities, and ability to produce virtual data set. These features will boost agility and make the process of data on-boarding process easy.

Container Management Takes a Giant Leap Forward with Docker Data Center

Now you can create your own repository of Docker images. It allows setting up Container-as-a-Service with the help of Docker Data Center. The developers can build Docker images which can then be deployed in testing environment, production box or in VM or Cloud.

Use Elasticsearch to Index your data in Relation Database

More and more applications today need faster search, predictive suggestion or dashboards. As data grows, doing Full Textsearch from relational database like PostgreSQL becomes slow. Read how GoCardless used the data from Postgres to update their Elasticsearch data, powering the dashboard searches.

Video Tutorial – Building Data Integration and Transformations using Pentaho

Understand how organizations today are exploring technologies which are able to help them in their business transformation. This video tutorial will help you build your first transformation to extract, transform and blend the data from various data sources and add additional steps and filters to your transformation using Pentaho.

Netflix runs more than 2000 ElasticSearch nodes across 100 plus Elasticsearch clusters. The use cases vary from running it as a back-end to Logstash all the way to using it as a source of truth DB. Read full story to understand how Elasticsearch increased efficiency at Netflix.