Partner October Edition – Issue No. 7


RUN containers on Windows

Docker and Microsoft have partnered to bring agility, portability, and security benefits of the Docker platform to every edition of Windows Server 2016. Windows Server 2016 Containers, powered by Docker Engine, brings containers to native Windows applications and expands the toolset for traditional Docker Linux developers and IT pros. Additionally you can also run Docker Toolbox on Windows 7+ version.

Announcing Pentaho 7.0

Pentaho announced availability of v7.0, the latest release for the Data Integration and Analytics platform. Key highlights of this release are capability of doing an analytics from anywhere in the data pipeline, new Spark capabilities, extended Hadoop security, enhanced Metadata Injection and support for Kafka, Avro and Parquet. In a nut shell this release makes big data and real time analytics more feasible for large enterprises.

PostgreSQL community announced release of PostgreSQL 9.6

PostgreSQL v9.6 was released by PostgreSQL development group on 29th Sept 2016. This release will allow users to both scale up and scale out high performance database workloads. New features include parallel query, synchronous replication improvements, phrase search, and improvements to performance and usability, as well as many more features.

Use Couchbase Lite Mobile to Build a Peer-to-Peer Photo Sharing App

More and more enterprises and new ventures are exploring avenues to reach more uses via mobile app. As the mobile phones get faster and equipped with larger storage, apps can look at benefiting from local storage and processing. Couchbase Mobile team has put up a sample app with code examples for building peer-to-peer communication with Couchbase Mobile.

Postgres hangout Learn about features of PostgreSQL 9.6

Monitoring and tracking health of database is one of the key tasks performed by DBAs. Learn how PostgreSQl v9.6 is going to make life of Postgres DBA easier. If you are evaluating PostgreSQL, this video will give you glimpse of existing and new features of PostgreSQL monitoring.

Ryan Air made their booking process 60%+ faster and 87%+ efficient in driving traffic. With help of Couchbase Mobile and it’s efficient sync architecture, Ryan Air reduced the booking time from 5 minutes to 2 minutes.