Case Studies

Case Studies


Running mission critical banking application on Postgres Plus Database

About the Customer

The customer is an Indonesian bank that is a market leader in the country’s mortgage loans sector and is positioned amongst the top ten of Indonesian banks in terms of assets and credit loans. Its activities are focussed on Consumer Banking, Commercial Banking and Shariah Banking (Islamic Banking)

Business Challenge

The bank started Shariah Banking practice as a Strategic Business Unit to serve the high public interest in the use of Islamic financial services and attention to excellence principles of Islamic Banking. The bank has planned for 50 plus branch units with close to 300 plus Service offices. The customer base for Shariah banking is expected to increase and as a result branch units, service offices are also expected to increase. Keeping this in mind, customer wanted to increase the resilience of banks in the face of changes in the business environment and also provide necessary flexibility with scalability. The bank was very determined to use technologies that balance Price on one side and Performance on the other.


Ashnik team proposed EnterpriseDB’s Postgres Plus Advanced Server Database for the Shariah banking application. The database will the main backend database and also at the DR site. xDB replication server from EnterpriseDB was proposed to be the solution for replication. Key highlights of the solution –

  1. Using EnterpriseDB Postgres Plus Advanced Server as backend database avoids huge cost of Oracle License
  2. EnterpriseDB’s Postgres Plus provides the necessary flexibility by providing support to number of drivers, languages and various platforms. This helps customers to avoid vendor lock-in as well
  3. EnterpriseDB’s Postgres Plus is one of the most capable databases in terms of scalability. This makes an ideal solution to our customer as it will help support increasing number of customers, transactions as the system scales up
  4. xDB replication server is a bundled product with EnterpriseDB’s Postgres Plus Enterprise Edition and hence no additional cost incurred on replication solution
  5. xDB replication server allowed scheduling the replication job to DR site


Our customer from banking industry is now one of the very few banks in the region to provide Shariah banking application. The Postgres Plus database technology has provided necessary technology leverage in terms of Price-Performance balance. Moreover, the customer also got a technology that can scale up as its operations will in future. Overall, the customer will be enjoying a strategic competitive advantage by making right choice along with Ashnik team.

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